Bangalore Challenge Run


After two years of COVID-19-created disruptions, this race is finally back where it belongs in the Calendar, i.e., in the month of July. It was very exciting for the students to participate and clock good timings. This run is not easy as it is a tougher route having ups and downs, the first 400m is a gentle downhill slope and the next 600m is a gentle uphill slope, and the loop repeats for every kilometer. With a ready smile, the run began, and all the runners rushed forward to get out of the crowd. The students made their way out and paced forward.

The last two kilometers are a Long downhill section! These two km are arguably the fastest KMs that are run in this race. Students ran fast by all means but were mindful of the fact that at the end of this section only half the job is done. This was a make-or-break section in the context of this race. They had to be careful because too fast and they run out of gas even before they hit that “yet another Long downhill section” at the last leg of this race.

The last few meters are the hardest and patting themselves on the back and pacing diligently, brought them to the party finish. Everyone was bathed with sweat but took joy as they had a great comfortable finish. As always told, the more practice the easier it is.