Magic Bus Training

I was very happy that I joined for magic bus training. It was a very good learning experience all throughout the 45days training. I was trained in many topics and skills that are very helpful for me in my future. Their explanations were very easy and understandable, I was thinking about computers, communication skills, and ways to handle customers. I can’t forget the session on How to be a responsible person and how we communicate with people and impress them through our body language. I improved my English grammar, with this training. I was helped with career guidance and direction that I can take to reach goals in my future. I was also trained to attend an interview; they conducted mock interviews through which we got some idea about the interviews in companies. I learned to make the best resume about myself giving the required details. Magic bus conducted many tests and gave home works online that helped me better to learn. I had spent a very good time in their classes and found it very beneficial as we face the real world.