D-mart was a very large store for the first time that I entered inside. I saw people working and packing the products in the box. I began to dream of myself being placed in that job but realized I was waiting for the interview. As always the H.R was late to come but luckily I was the first person to be interviewed. After the success in the interview, we went to see the areas inside D-mart. It was big and many people were shopping inside it and there was a variety of products in it. I saw D-mart fully for the first time. Now the imagination had come to reality I was finally selected.


I was just reversing how tensed and worried I was for the past minutes. When I heard that three of them were not selected because we were just 18 and they said only people from the age of 19 were allowed to work in that company. I was a bit worried when they said that I should wait for some time. When two of my friends were selected for a job, I was frustrated and had no patience to wait, I was waiting for my turn for the interview, When I and my other friends were leaving the place, I was happy because I was selected for the job.