October-November 2015

Career Guidance Workshop – Quest Alliance:-18/11/15

Today, we had a visit from the quest alliance group. The main purpose of their visit was to help us in finding the appropriate career for us that best suited our strengths. They began by inquiring about our interests. Then they showed us a video about a girl who was working in a hotel. She had many challenges. She did not know how to overcome her difficulties after a while she contacted her mother and she gave her some solutions. When she finally had her job interview she did it eloquently and smoothly. Finally, she got a job and started working. From this video, what I learned was that I must have a strong determination in my life, and that I should face challenges head-on.

By: Gauthami

Indian Center for Research and Development Education Workshop:    22 November 2015

Fr. Xavier and team member from the research and development center came to our Organization on the 22nd of November. Fr. Xavier is the founder of the Vocational Training Program at the center. It is built for people who struggle to find a job. The main purpose of his visit was to open a vocational training centre in our campus. The message he gave us was that, “nothing is impossible, everything is possible and we can achieve anything in our lives”.

By: Meena

Champion in me:- 28th and 29th November, 2015-12-22 was the ‘Champion in me

The “Champion in me” is a sporting and cultural program held every year for infected and affected children in Bangalore. In the morning we had a 5k run. My friends and I finished in the top 10 for all runners. I was also part of the 400m race. It was easy to start, but very tough to finish the race. It is a very demanding challenge to maintain such a high speed for the full distance. Nevertheless, I came in first place. Afterwards, we prepared for our football match. Our team reached the finals against Sneha Care Home. It was exciting to have made it that far. In the first half of the football match, we scored a goal and tried putting up a strong defense. The opposing team tried a lot of shots but we defended well. Finally, we won the final of the football match and lifted the trophy!

By: Babu

“Champion in me” is an annual program of arts and sports held for HIV / AIDS infected children. Snehagram participates every year. Other schools and institutions also participate in this event, and this year there were 8 centers in total. Children enjoyed every bit of the program. This year the sporting events were conducted by Mr. Elvis Joseph from the Bangalore School Sports Foundation (BSSF). This experience was great fun and for the two days we participated. I am very thankful to the organizers for such a great get- together.

By: Varalakashmi