Family Picnic to the mountain

On 19th of January we all went to see the mountain which is located nearby our campus. I was happy to go to the mountain, because after many years I went to see a mountain. We started our journey at 2.30 pm. During our journey some of our friends sang songs, told stories and shared their experiences. But I was concentrating on my walk only. I was very anxious to reach the top. For us this mountain was very difficult to climb, but we helped one another. When we reached the top of the mountain we could see the beautiful places around and the roof of our School. Then we went to see a small temple and we prayed. We shouted, sang songs and played games. We took photos and ate snacks together and sheared our joy. When we see from the top of the mountain the people and houses around, look very tiny. We lied down on the rock and we all enjoyed it. When we returned we shared our experiences with others.


On 19th January we went to the mountain which is nearby Snehagram. From Snehagram this is our first picnic to Mountain. We started our journey at 2.00 pm. We walked around 5km from Snehagram to the mountain. The whole day we travelled by walk. The surroundings were so beautiful to see from the top of the mountain. We could see the roof of Snehagram. We walked around the mountain and we took many pictures. I enjoyed the trip to the mountain. It was my first experience to climb a mountain.