Runner’s High Winter 10K Run

All our children ran the winter 10K run organized by Runner’s High as a culmination of their 3 month training.
It was an amazing sight to see our children run with such great spirit. Big kudos to the children for sticking to their training plan of running four days a week and following the training with a great run on February 2nd.


We have been practicing every alternative day for our 10km run. We started our practice around three months before. In our practice we had different schedule, like slow run, fast run, etc. On 2nd February we went to Participate 10k run at Bangalore. We started our race at 6.00 am. So many people came to participate for this event. Before starting the race we did warm up exercises and we wished each other. I could meet a person who came to participate 10K. He was very friendly to me. I started to run with him. Before I reached 2km I improved my speed. After completing 2k I maintained the same speed. While running they provided us fruits and water. Though it was my first experience, I never felt any difficulty to complete the event. I could finish within 48 minutes. My regular practice helped me to run without much difficulty. I got third place in the race.