Mattu Pongal

Celebrating Mattu Pongal at Snehagram is a delightful experience filled with joy and tradition. The highlight of Mattu Pongal is the worship of cattle, which play a crucial role in agriculture and rural life. Students and staff gather in the courtyard, adorned with colorful decorations, to honor these beloved animals. With flowers and garlands in hand, they lovingly decorate the cattle, expressing gratitude for their invaluable contribution to farming.

After the worship ceremony, a special feast is prepared, featuring traditional dishes made from freshly harvested crops. Students and staff gather together to enjoy the meal, sharing stories and laughter as they celebrate the bond between humans and animals.

Mattu Pongal at Snehagram is not just a celebration of agriculture; it’s a celebration of life, gratitude, and the timeless bond between man and beast.