Celebrating life

On November 4th, 2023, Snehagram proudly hosted Father Mathew, the visionary behind the organization, for a heartwarming reunion. Approximately 120 former students, now working outside Snehagram, gathered to celebrate their journeys. The event kicked off with heartfelt introductions, allowing participants to share their experiences after leaving Snehagram. Babu delivered a compelling presentation on the significance of “U=U” in HIV health, emphasizing that maintaining an undetectable viral load prevents transmission. Mr. Kalesh led a session where students openly discussed their life challenges, covering issues like job changes, adherence to HIV medications, and nutritional struggles. Amidst inspiring stories of overcoming adversity, students shared achievements, including savings, dream bike purchases, continued education, and marriages with HIV-negative children. Personal narratives, such as Sanjay’s resilience despite workplace discrimination, Vijay Kumar’s journey from contract to permanent sports teacher, Meghana’s challenges in Amazon, and Deepthi’s triumphant story of societal acceptance, highlighted the resilience of Snehagram alumni. The unexpected rain shower during open sharing added a refreshing touch to the day. Father Mathew outlined his vision for the children’s future, stressing the importance of informed choices, financial independence, and better job opportunities post-12th grade. Discussions on insurance and job support concluded the event, reinforcing Snehagram’s commitment to guiding its children toward a successful life.