Bangalore to Snehagram Run

The JLBR (Jobless Long Boring Runners) of Runners High are embarking on a multi-day run event from Oct 18th – Oct 22nd, covering 76 KMs each day to commemorate India’s 76 years of freedom. The aim is to raise funds for various NGO partners, focusing on meeting the nutrition needs of children and youth across five initiatives supported by Sai Vishwanath Memorial Trust. The running route spans areas where these initiatives are located.

The journey began in 2009 when we initiated a running program for children at Sneha Care Home when they were just 6-7 years old. Sneha Care Home, a haven of love and care, has played a pivotal role in changing lives and empowering children to impact others positively. The journey involves young adults who, having graduated, have taken on mentorship roles, understanding the struggles of those they help. Running has been a constant at Sneha Care Home, Snehagram, and various initiatives across Karnataka working with children affected by HIV/AIDS. The funds raised will contribute to the wholesome nutrition of the children and youth of Snehagram who regularly train for running.

The youth are now organizing the Footprint Run, a collaboration between Sai Vishwanath Memorial Trust and Runner’s High. We invite everyone to register and be inspired by these remarkable individuals who can change lives.

Today’s run, starting from my home with Manasa Shastry and Manikandan Seran, saw the participation of Babu Seenappa, joined later by a vanload of children, youth, and Fr. Baby. Snehagram, with its big-hearted community, will always be a home for me. Babu completed 42K, and many youth achieved their longest run, all at an easy pace with breaks, showcasing the strength of our community. Thanks to Fr. Baby, Babu, Laxmikanth, Ramu, Nirmala, Nagesh, Amar, Gangamma, Yeshaswini, and others who inspired us today! The hilly route became memorable with the love and compassion of our friends and family. Special thanks to Ravi and the Snehagram team for their support.