Learning Visit by TISB Students


When I heard that there is a visit of TISB students I was very happy because they will take classes and teach a lot of new things. The TISB students reached in the morning at 7:45 and soon after we all moved to the dining hall to have our breakfast. After breakfast, we Snehagram students were divided into five groups along with the TISB students. Each group went for a campus tour and later on in the day, we planted vegetables and flowers. It was the first time, for many of the students of TISB, to work in the garden. I was surprised that they all worked and did so without complaining. Together we finished the plantation in one hour. Later, we were individually taught various text topics that we had been finding hard to understand and remember. It made me feel more confident as I clarified many of my doubts. After the classes, we had a small cultural program with them and I really enjoyed the programs that the TISB students did for us. We shared a meal and the fun recreation while having our meal helped us to build healthy bonds. Later in the evening, we had a football competition with the TISB students, it was a healthy competition. We were all strangers in the beginning, but now we are all good friends.