Immersing Rains Make a Comeback

Monsoon this time around Snehagram was different, for nearly 3 weeks it had been always cloudy with light showers. It indeed disturbed our routine activities as it was always drizzling and making it hard to get out and do any activity. The students looked forward to heavy rains but were disappointed as the clouds didn’t pour down.  However, as the day passed by the rains escalated and in the third week of November it came down in buckets.  The rainwater began to flow gently towards the low-lying areas. The amount and speed of the water flow increased and the pond for the first time after 4 years was full again. The inundated pond flew towards the near well as we prepared drains, and to our surprise the well brimmed over too. It was such a joy seeing our ponds and land filled with water. It was the same story around the villages near Snehagram. Few of the lakes for the first time after 25 years were full again with abundant water, the eyes couldn’t believe the scene of water flowing everywhere through the drainages, fields, and roads. At the same time, the torrential rains had adverse effects on farming as many fields were flooded.