Enlivened and Revived: Time for Inner Renewal of Faith

We had a prayer day planned for December 17, which was an enriching experience for all of us.  The prayer session was uplifting and several of us could experience peace and tranquillity.  Most students typically find it hard to sit quietly for a long time but as for this prayers session, the group creatively used the time singing, dancing, and incorporating various activities that helped the students to focus and further enabled them to connect with the almighty. Suhas one of the students who attended the prayer session says; “I certainly have gained a more personal connection with Jesus through the guided reflections. The rich and insightful contents offered me to meditate and reflect and make meaningful connections with themes in my life.” The retreat helped the students to focus more on what God wants from them and less on what they personally want in their life. We received plenty of blessings such as a better understanding of God’s will in our life, better temperament in dealing with problems of life and the attitude of thanksgiving.