Children’s Day Celebration

 “Every child is different kind of flower and altogether makes this world a beautiful garden”

Children’s day is very special to each child as it brings them joy and it fills them with excitement. In the midst of the exams, the children in Snehagram wondered if they would be celebrating this special day. The day started with prayers and thanksgiving as one family. It followed fun-filled activities and some of them were such as drawing, essay, poem, and story writing on the topic of COVID-19. The best efforts were appreciated and rewarded. The group activities thereafter were some of the most loved games like: know your number, coin in the bucket, coin in the power and dance competition. There was a healthy competition between the teams and finally, the team named Rudra won the competition. In the evening we had Cricket Match, which was a family game where all gathered together and took pleasure playing and watching the game. As we drew close to the day, we were grateful for the wonderful day with lots of beautiful moments and memories to cherish.