Bustling New Year Celebration

On December 31 the PU students of Snehagram took the initiative to celebrate the New Year. The students divided the works among themselves. Each student had his or her own ideas to decorate the house. We had an adoration and prayer session on the same night where all the students shared the positive and negative thoughts that had happened to them in the year 2021. We had a holy mass at 9.30 celebrated by FR. Sunil. The symbolic effigy burning followed just before the stroke of midnight as it reminded us of bidding goodbye to the year 2021. Rev Fr Teji welcomed the new year 2022 by cutting the ribbon. We gathered in the dining hall and had some snacks and tea. There was a surprising element as part of the new year celebration and it was that one of the students, Manoj was selected as the lucky person of the year. Then all the students wished each other a happy and healthy new year.