Arts and Crafts Class

The arts teach us to appreciate beauty, embrace new perspectives, foster empathy, challenge the status quo, and think critically, deeply, and laterally. Harnessing this potential of the arts, the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) Bangalore will facilitate a journey of creative learning and exploration for the young students living at Snehagram. The program will introduce participants to multiple ways of looking at and engaging with art, with each session exploring a selected theme or artist from MAP’s collection that ranges across genres of painting, sculpture, photography, textile, and more. This year-long project is broken up into twelve modules and will cater to learners aged 15 -19 at Snehagram. As agreed MAP will conduct two sessions each month (twenty-four sessions in total) in order to accommodate the strength of 42 odd students from grades 10 and 12, with each session including around 20-22 participants. The MAP educators facilitating are Shilpa Vijayakrishnan and Shubhasree Purkayastha.

 “Art speaks where words are unable to explain”.  It was a privilege to have Ms. Kamini and her team who came forward to take sessions on arts twice a month. It has now been 3months where the students have been attending the sessions. The response has been very positive from the student’s side. Some of the students are not very good in academics but their talents and interest are shown in arts. It has also been an encouragement for many such students as they can explore career options associated with Arts and crafts. The students are working hard and hardly anyone wants to miss the sessions.