Launching of Positive Running Program

Positive Running Program was officially launched on 22 August 2021 as this day marked the birthday of late Rishi and it was the best day to launch the program. The whole day was dedicated to Rishishet son of Dr. Anitha and Dr. Arun. We organized the 3km run to kick start the day and Ms. Devika a trainee athlete and student of Surana College Bengaluru, flagged off and joined the run with the children. The group of students filled the narrow rounds of the village making the villagers excited and amused, running in the bright shining light.  Sridhar one of the Snehagram students finished the run in the first place clocking around 10min and 34 seconds. It took 20 minutes for everyone to complete the run, followed by a healthy breakfast. We took part in the Holy Eucharist at 9.30 a.m presided over by Fr, William. We offered our prayers, thoughts, and blessings to Rishi and his family. Few of the family members in and around Bangalore joined the celebration and the rest who couldn’t travel participated through the ‘zoom’ online platform. The celebrations continued as we had few stage programs such as dances, songs, skits, mime, and speeches. A cricket match was organized in the evening and the winners claimed the Rishi Memorial Cup. The day which was dedicated to the project Running Positive came to an end as we continue to hold on to the memories of Rishi.