Bliss of Gardening

We buy less but grow more in Snehagram. Despite the changes in seasons, and the recurrent adverse conditions we always have few vegetables to grow. The last few weeks have been the finest weeks of the year with enough rains and conducive weather for gardening. The earth once again reclaimed its richness and the all-around Snehagram campus was teeming with lush life. These pretty good conditions helped us enormously in growing vegetables and fruits as we had scarcely planted any before the rains. It was joy everywhere around the campus as soon as we received the showers, and all of us rejoiced plunging into the fields, to prepare the land and to sow the seeds. The joy of watching the seeds sprout breaking the earth is indescribable.  The farmer knows the feeling deep down his or her heart and perhaps one of the ways to experience this joy is to become a farmer in our own little ways.