Farewell to Fr. Johnson and Fr. Joy

Saying Goodbye to our dear ones are not a nice experience but at some point, in our lives, we all have to do so. Fr. Johnson and Fr. Joy had to move on with their new mission. We did have a farewell party on 29 May, for our dear director Fr. Johnson who served for the past two years, and our administrator Fr. Joy who was part of our community for the past five and half years. Hugs, tears, and words were not enough to express our gratitude to our fathers for their selfless services. Every person who comes into our lives leaves an imprint so did these two fathers. They could bring about a change towards life positively and they cared for all of us like their children. Dances, songs, speeches, cards, and sweets were part of our farewell ceremony and everyone at Snehagram expressed their love and appreciation to Fr. Johnson and Fr Joy.