Yoga mats

Running and Yoga has been part and parcel of our life in Snehagram. We thank the Decathlon team for sponsoring our yoga mats. A good mat means better performance in yoga. Using them makes us feel so comfortable and at ease in doing the exercises, stretches, and yoga postures. It brings no stress to our knees and body while performing few postures after using the mats.

Student says: Doing yoga is very good for health, but doing the same early in the morning in the cold weather is not as easy as we speak. I had been doing yoga for the past 4 years, but I never felt the need for a yoga mat. But from last year I started doing yoga for a longer duration as usual. Here I felt that having a yoga mat would be helpful. Today it had been a week’s time using the mat, now I am happy that I am not getting scratches as I used to get while doing on the bare floor, the floor is no colder, it’s more comfortable to do the postures without any disturbance.  I feel to do the exercises and yoga for a longer duration. I am happy now with the smooth and comfortable mat. Thanks to the decathlon team.