Learn for Life Foundation Visit

Thomas Thekkethala with his wife Lisa, and their son Matthew and daughter Maria visited Snehagram today to review and understand our progress as they partner with us in our training and education. Thank you Thekkethala family for your support and guidance.

Thank you Fr. Mathew, Fr. Joy, Babu adn Kalesh for showing us the grounds of snehagram. We are so proud of how much this community has grown since 2011. The reason our family has contributed to this community for so long is that each student is incredibly kind, passionate, intelligent and above all powerful. We believe in each of these students potential to be wise, strong leaders that will go on to transform their communities, and each and every life that they touch. So many people around the world believe in each of you and in the vision of Fr. Mathew, and it has been the utmost privilege of learn for life foundation to serve this community.

Thomas, Lisa, Matthew and Mari