February-March 2016

Blessing of community Feb 1

Blessings for the community house came during its inauguration on Feb 1st. There were around 150 Fathers from various places, and as they reached the Snehagram campus, we, the Snehagram Students, welcomed them with roses. Afterwards, we had mass for which the choir sang a collection of hymns. This concluded the inauguration. After the blessings were received, we had some cultural programs followed by a delicious dinner. Then all of the fathers wished us all the best for our life and thanked us for the wonderful programs and hospitality.

 By:- Gowthmi

Auroville marathon:-  On 14th Feb.

My journey started with excitement, as I was about to embark on an incredible adventure with my friends- completing a 10km run. During practices I felt lazy and found myself lagging behind, often wondering if there was any point in me even trying. However, when the time of the race came near, I heard the voice of my inner consciousness telling me that every chance I get to do something like this is a great opportunity and that I should be proud of the capacity I have. I then changed my mind. I started to run consistently with my running buddy, whose running pace was comparable to mine. On February 14th, we had the run and I was happy that I was able to finish the run within an hour. I was happy that my friend encouraged me to keep running, and it motivated me to participate in every run without missing any event. Afterwards, we visited a nice beach that we played in. This experience was similar to that of our learning tour in Pondicherry.

By Ambika

The Visit of Christ University26 27 28 / 2 / 2016

The students from Christ University had come to Snehagram to learn about our experience. Their purpose was to orient us on jobs and trainings and to evaluate our capacity and abilities. Their visit to our campus cemented a relationship between Snehagram and Christ University. Their visit helped us understand how to format our future and gave us some preliminary training.


The Visit of Subramanian 

On 11/2/16, we were eagerly waiting for Mr. Subramanian. Before he came to Snehagram, we had visited and to seen him in Salem to observe the ways that he grows plants and trees (especially mango trees). He came to Snehagram with his wife, and asked us to split into two groups; one group would tend to the farm, and the other group would learn art. The farm group went with Subramanian and the art group with his wife. In the farm, we learned the proper ways to take care of the plants and trees in a more efficient manner than what we were doing. Aunty showed the art group how to sing in different languages and also how to belly dance.