Director’s Desk – March 2014

Snehagram is slowly evolving towards the dream and vision we envisaged many years ago as we started an innovative program for the children. Just like the “budding stars” moving into beautiful young person, we watch with wonder and gratitude how the dream is being realized.

From the very beginning of the Sneha program for children, God, in the right time sent right people to help us and shape our program. This issue of SNEHAVAANI highlights the new partnership we entered into with Orange Tech Solutions to offer Vocational Skill Training to our children. The first course started on February 24th and it is truly a blessing and pure sign of the providential plan of God to guide our children to future with hope and courage.

Let me continue to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who are connected to us, even though we are very far from the city, by your bond of love, support, and encouragement. May God Bless you all during this Holy Season of Spiritual Renewal. Let us be open to the Miracle of God’s love being manifested daily through wonderful experiences, events and people.