Our Christmas

Our Christmas Celebration & Preparation
We started to prepare our Christmas with practicing Carols, Decorating our Dining Hall, Multipurpose Hall Crib and trees in our Campus. We decorated our campus with lights, stars, balloons and color papers. We could make a small natural crib. I could help the team those who decorate our campus with serial lights. After the decoration our campus became more beautiful. On 24th night 10. 30 pm had Prayer, Mass and Shearing section. After the Mass we went to bless our Christmas Crib. After that we gave gift and wished to our Christmas friend. After the tea and snacks we went to the bed at 1 O’clock.
On 25th evening we had Christmas celebration with our neighboring villagers. After the opening prayer Fr. Mathew welcomed all the Villagers and gusts. We did skit about Jesus birth and sang Carols. We gave snakes and tea for all of them. More than two hundred people came to watch our program. This is our first Christmas celebration with our neighbors.
Punith & Meena

Christmas is on 25th December. The special thing is child Jesus was born on 25th December. This festival is celebrated by Christian people. When they in our school, we decorate the whole campus and we keep the lights. On Christmas day I ask Jesus to forgive me, because sometimes I use bad words to others and I fight with others. so that I will ask forgiveness from Jesus and for others. And I will ask grace to Jesus. I feel that Jesus is entering in my heart and I will change my life into a good thing.


Grammy Night
On 26th after noon I was so excited for next day. Because our Sneha Care friends are coming to Snehagram. On 27th afternoon all of our Sneha care friends came our place. After tea we all played foot ball, I could chat with all of my friends. Evening we had a wonderful program. We celebrate the joy of Christmas tougher. We performed Carols, dance etc. they also performed with songs, dance and Skits. So many fathers, sister and families came to watch our program. We had a nice dinner with our friends and gusts. On 28th morning we had games and cultural program with Sneha Care Children. After lunch they said good bye and went back to Sneha Care Home.

Grammy Night
Grammy night means village night. Father told us that we will have Grammy night on Dec 27th. We wondered what is this Grammy night. Father was telling us to prepare all our buildings. We brought nice lights and we kept it all around our buildings. That night all our friends came to celebrate the beauty of our village. All our old friends came from Bangalore. That day we all worked hard to celebrat the night. When we saw all the people coming we thought there were many people as on our Inaugurtion Day. our building was full of lights. It was very nice to see our buildings. We didn’t think we will celebrat like this. After Grammy night, all the people felt that Grammy night was beautiful to see. They said that they all enjoyed our choir, and that we did. We all understood that of we work hard we can achieve our goals and it was a wonderful night to us.